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Our knowledge

The story of the brand revolves around an unique expertise : the weaving.

-- A real expertise...

Stephane Kéloglanian joins his two brothers in 1974.
Four years later, in 1978 the brotherhood launches
the first women collection under the name Stephane Kélian.

Romans sur Isère was at the time the cradle of luxury
shoe manufacturing in France. In the 1980's,
Stéphane Kélian works with the biggest fashion houses
such as Issey Miyake,Montana, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

A strong sense of identity shaped around the brand's
famous woven leather models. The Stephane Kélian
brand has an exceptional heritage and indisputable expertise.

-- Stephane Kélian : a brand inspired by dynamism...

The Stephane Kélian woman as being dynamic,
fashion-conscious and aware of every single detail
on her shoes.

Each and every idea begins with a collection of images:
architecture, furniture, graphics, colour pallets,

A contemporary Bauhaus collection, or inspired by
a multidisciplinary movement. The aim is to
create surprising and innovative designs season
after season, to please those loyal to the Stephane
Kélian brand by respecting the male/female style.